Summer Solstice 2012

This International congress will be held in Arcidosso, the last week of June 2012. The conference will be held in the castle.

We shall meet on June 26th, afternoon. The talk will start on Wednesday 27th, morning. The meeting will end on Friday 29, morning.

Conference Objectives 

Complex systems are pervasive in many fields of science and we encounter them everyday and everywhere in our life. Their examples include financial markets, highway transportation networks, telecommunication networks, human economies, social networks, immunological systems, ant colonies, ect. The key feature of a complex system is that it is composed of large number of interconnected and interacting entities exhibiting much richer dynamical properties on global scale than they could be inferred from the properties and behaviours of its individual entities. Complex systems are studied in many areas of natural sciences, social sciences, engineering and mathematical sciences. The integral part of these interdisciplinary studies forms discrete modeling. These models can be seen as the simplest laboratories to study phenomena exhibited by complex systems like self-organization processes, pattern formation, cooperation, adaptation, competition, attractors, or multi-scaling phenomena. The objective of this conference is to bring researchers working on discrete modelling of complex systems and to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and presentation of results of their research.

There will be two satellites (although not sharply separated from the body): the annual meeting BIOPHYS2012 of the INFN TO61 experiment (methods of theoretical physics applied to biology) at beginning and some time at the end dedicated to sociophysics and the relationship between psychology and computer sciences, themes of interest of the UE project RECOGNITION.

The congress follows the philosophy "no fees, no frills", and is open to everybody, but keep in mind that places are limited (about 50 people). If possible, the meeting will be streamed on the Internet. 

The proceedings will be collected on a book and selected papers (5 pages) will be published (after referring) onTheoretical Biology Forum.

More news to follow.